Play Gunblood western shootout

Gunblood shootout

Gunblood Western Shootout, a Cowboy Shooting Game

western gunblood game

If the life of a cowboy always makes you admiring; shooting the enemies and never scare of being hit, then you will love the Gunblood western shootout. You can choose one character in this flash game to shoot accurately and rapidly. Start playing the shooting game to see how great you are to hit the target and how responsive you are to hit the enemies in faster time.

Learn the Hacked Codes to Win

In this game, you feel like a cowboy in American westerns when you face the enemies. You should be always responsive and accurate to shoot the targets in three seconds only. So you can survive and never be hit by the other cowboys. Learn about the gunblood western shootout hacked codes so you can be unbeatable or never be killed in the game. With the codes, you can become the most feared cowboy with fastest shooting skill, unbeatable, never lost the ammo, and always shoot accurately.

The Mission of the Game

Becoming the most feared shooter is the main mission in this game. So you should defeat all enemies through gun to gun fighting. Choose your favorite character in the start of the game. Shoot as fast as possible; less than three seconds, and position your gun right to the opponent’s head. So you can hit easily.

The Gunblood shootout game consists of nine levels to play and four bonuses to play more. In every third level, you should complete the bonus tasks that are also interesting to play and giving more points. If you want to play easier and unbeatable, type cheat codes in the cheat box when you choose your character before playing.